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Fuck Yeah, IV

Hello, this fuck yeah blog is inactive and the current founder has no interest to contribute to it any longer. I don’t want it to go to a waste, so I’m giving the blog up to whoever wants to take over and run it. 

Send an Ask or a Submit with the e-mail you used to sign up tumblr with. It’ll be set up as soon as possible. More information about Admin rights and passing it on will be covered in a post in Drafts of the blog dashboard.


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Anonymous said: just saying: you saved my fucking life * was on a desperate search for images IV * x'D sry for my baad english, but I'm German ;D

Ah, you’re welcome. Enjoy ^^

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【トレス】ⅢトレスⅣさん | やゆ [pixiv]
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  • マイケル
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